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Birthdate:Dec 3

s t r i f e !

Dave is an albino, pale almost-white skin, pale almost-white hair, and candy red eyes that are sensitive to light. This is one of the reasons why he wears shades all the time - the other reason is that the shades are awesome.

He is in Derse garb, all deep purple, and he is armed with a legendary piece of broken shit, aka the Royal Deringer, and Liv Tyler, the warrior mecha stuffed bunny.
c l o c k - i t - u p

Dave Strider

Screenname: turntechGodhead

Age: 13

Strife specibus: ½bladekind

Timeline:EOA5 - 'Cascade'

Canon:MS Paint Adventures - Homestuck

Title: The Knight of Time

Planet: The Land of Heat and Clockwork


b e a t

He prefers to text rather than using video or voice messaging. In fact, it's less of a preference and more of a 'will not use video or voice messages, ever' sort of deal, if he can help it, which he really can.
[ relationships . application . mun . and some sick beats ]
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